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Operating Principle

Advanced Heat Exchanger design and construction technology of the spiral shaped mixer elements and process tube results in a 20 - 100% better heat transfer in comparison to conventional heat exchangers.
Highly efficient heat transfer is achieved due to the increased radial then linear velocity and connection technology between the Heat Exchanger process tubes and mixer elements which act as an additional heat transfer area.heat exchanger
Heat exchange principle

Reliability & Performance

  • Rapid refreshment - Increased radial than linear velocity, generated by the spiral-shaped mixer elements in the Heat Exchanger creates a rapid refreshment and mixing of product at the inner wall of the process tube.

  • Highly efficient heat transfer - Advanced connection technology between process tube and mixer elements results in a heat exchange transfer rate equal to the base material of the process tube and mixer elements, each spiral shaped mixer element acts as additional heat transfer area, resulting in a 20 - 100% improvement in heat transfer compared to conventional heat exchangers.

  • High operational reliability - Static Mixers and Heat Exchangers has proved invaluable in a number of crucial applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industry's.

  • Consistent product quality - Is achieved due to the reduced temperature differential over the cross sectional area of the process tubes.
heat exchanger
Advanced connection technology


  • General chemicals - agri-chemicals, waste treatment, paint, slurries.
  • Polymers - polyesters, nylons, ethylenes, silicones adhesives, sealants
  • Food & Beverages - sauces, chocolates, dairy products, salad dressing, sugar syrups.
  • Energy - petrochemicals, fuel oil
  • Pulp & Paper - kraft soaps, black liquor, oils.


Food, beverage & pharmaceutical

Within the food, beverages and pharmaceutical industry's effective C.I.P. cleaning, smooth and /or polished surfaces and sanitary connections are of major importance to maintain a sterile environment.

The use of static mixer elements leads to considerable better cleaning compared to an empty pipe due to the forced refreshment and higher cleaning fluid velocities at the inner wall of the process pipe.
Heat Exchanger


Within this application area, where high viscosities, process pressures and temperatures are typical, a number of elements adversely effecting heat transfer are important
  • Thick process pipe walls due to the high process pressures.
  • Low heat transfer coefficients of the polymer.
  • Laminar flow as a result of high product viscosities.
  • Small acceptable mean temperature differences, as result of the strong dependence of viscosity on temperature.
Improved heat transfer, reduced residence time is of major importance. During the cooling process, the polymer flow reacts as well and polymer flowing through the system at a longer residence time than foreseen can impair product quality.
To address this problem a unique manifold design has been developed which produces a perfect spread of product over the process tubes, dead spots are completely eliminated.

Product side inner walls are finished at a roughness better than 0.5 micron.

Cooling is achieved by a counter current flow of thermal oil, flowing around the polymer containing process tubes. Flow reversing partition plates create an optimal contact between oil and process tube.

The above-described design has resulted in a heat exchanger that due to its relative small size - can be applied economically for cooling of high viscous products. It has almost ideal plug-flow characteristics.
Heat Exchanger

The design is recognised as standard in the polymer industry.

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